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Boston City Campus 



Boston City Campus is your gateway to a world-class education, offering a diverse range of programs to cater to your academic aspirations. Whether you’re looking to pursue a Postgraduate qualification, Degrees, Diplomas, or Higher Certificates, we have a comprehensive array of courses designed to meet your needs. Our commitment extends beyond traditional academia, with a focus on Occupational courses that prepare you for real-world success. Elevate your skills with our Short Learning Programmes, providing quick and targeted education for immediate application in the professional realm. Join Boston City Campus for an enriching educational journey that propels you toward a successful and fulfilling future.




Application Dates

Opening Date: Now Open

Closing Date:  Open throughout the year (19 February 2024  for First Semester Intake)



Open Days

Open Throughout 


Application for Admission



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Manual Application:  Visit Any Campus

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